T: NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 0800 862 0863 M: 07958 800081 (Emergencies only)  
Overhead power lines and other electrical apparatus can be extremely dangerous if we need to work near to them. It’s the responsibility of the contractor and property owner to get in touch with the network operator to organise a shutdown of the power supply. 
Trim a Tree take several precautions to protect our employees and customers, please always ensure that any contractor that works at your property does the same. 
April makes us feel like shedding some woolly layers, bare a little more skin to the growing sun and enjoy the lighter nights. Of course, Aril is also quite famous for increased rainfall here in the UK. We love this time of year as the rainwater fuels the landscape, preparing it for new growth, new colour and new life. 
The new season prompts tiny, green buds to pop, bringing smiles to our faces and the greenery around us slowly awakes. 
You will need to stay on top of pruning your trees to keep them in the best condition possible, and it is very much an ongoing process for entire lifespan of the tree. 
In truth; why, when, and how to prune your trees can differ depending on the species. 
The main reason we need to prune our trees is to help maintain their overall health. Aside from this, removing disease and unhealthy foliage, ensuring branches are strong, and encouraging the growth of new branches are all considerations. This is especially important for fruit-bearing trees, as timely pruning will help the production of fruit. 
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